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Why Choose Impact Restorations

Why choose a large Roof Restoration Company like Impact Roof Restoration?
Our customers tell us they choose Impact Roof Restoration for the following reasons:
• Quality Control– Most larger companies will have processes in place to ensure quality. Normally an inspection from a supervisor or manager will detect quality issues and rectification will take place before final payment is made. This also gives the client someone to discuss issues with separate to the tradesperson doing the work. This avoids the need for confrontation between client and tradesperson.
• After-sale service– If you’ve ever tried to get a tradesperson back to your home after he’s finished a job, you’ll know how difficult this can be! A larger company will have processes in place to handle after-sale service and other tradespeople to call on if required.
• Long-term focus on quality– It’s harder for a large company to hide should there be problems with the job. Therefore, you’ll normally find that a large company has a focus on quality to preserve their reputation. Warranty claims can ruin a company and you’ll find that most of the big guys are know this, and take measures to minimise potential warranty claims down the track. They are also conscious of damage to their reputation and will operate with preservation of reputation in the forefront of their mind.
• Service– Because they have office staff, you’ll normally be able to reach someone at a larger company. When you need to phone up and ask a question, you’ll be able to get the answer. The smaller guys who operate from their mobile phone will generally be harder to reach.
• We stand behind our warranty –Many of our customers are impressed by the fact we stand behind our warranty and find peace of mind in the fact that they know that we’ll still be around to honour our warranty.

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