Having your roof painted and restored lifts the appearance of weather damaged homes. At Impact Restorations Group our qualified contractors help ensure that your Perth home is in tip-top condition. Serving all your external painting requirements we give your home that polished look.

Living in your home, you’ve probably noticed that as the seasons go by, your home’s roof and paintwork is starting to fade and look a bit worse for wear. It has protected you from the relentless sun, torrential rains, and angry hail!

But did you know that weather damaged home does not necessarily require a replacement roof? In fact, a painting contractor can quite easily offer an easy, non-disruptive, safe and efficient alternative – roof restoration and roof painting.

External Painting technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, and nowadays you can find paints designed to withstand inclement weather conditions and protect the materials you use for your home – whether you use tiling or colour bond metal roof, these paints are often treated with a special coating technology which can withstand bad weather, are heat resistant, reflective and extra-hard wearing.

The very best thing about roof painting is that you will be able to choose from a huge selection of colours.

If your home is in need of a general overhaul in its exterior, why not consider a new colour scheme? Out with old, wiped-out and weather-beaten colours, and in with new, vibrant colours that will make your home the smartest on the street.

If you’re not sure what colours you should use, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration simply by looking around your town or check our colour selection page on the to see what’s hot and what’s not.

A good painting contractor can also do a professional job, for your roof, gutters and facia’s as well as any other jobs you may need to be done on your home’s exterior. A good painting job can last for years before it requires a new coat of paint, making this a safe, cost-efficient way to keep your home, family and possessions safe from even the most horrible of weather conditions.

If you can’t quite decide whether your home needs its roof painting, it may be time to call in a professional, qualified painting contractor – why not try Impact Roof Restorations Perth? Our professional painters have a vast amount of local experience and offer a free consultation. Call today and find out whether the exterior of your home is protected and ship-shape!